Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs When Self Doubt is the Voice in Your Head

It’s time to think about what you’ve been thinking about

Mary Clymer
5 min readSep 27, 2023

Everything in your life is a reflection of the thoughts you’ve been thinking. So if you’re not in love with your life, then it’s time to start thinking about what you’ve been thinking about.

I recently got myself a mentor. Someone in the breath community who’s a couple of years ahead of me in experience and way ahead of me in organizational skills. He’s helping me to break through some of my limiting beliefs about success and self-worth. One of the messages I got from our first meeting was this idea of self-doubt keeping me in a perpetual cycle of seeing myself as not enough. All I was seeing in my business was lack and I was getting discouraged.

He challenged me to look at my body of work and lean into what I have to offer. All I can say after doing this is WOW. It suddenly became clear that I wasn’t following my own advice. I mean, duh, I need to do the things I tell everyone else to do. I need to fully embody myself in the practice.

I Am Capable of Doing Hard Things

Don’t get me wrong, I’m brave. I have tried and failed a bunch throughout my life. I’ve held on to things long past their expiration date and I’ve thrown my hands up in defeat before reaping any rewards.

It wasn’t that I was afraid. It was that I lacked the confidence to believe I was worthy. That I might be special or have something unique to offer.

The narrative in my head was that I wasn’t enough.

  • Not smart enough
  • Not young enough
  • Not old enough
  • Not wise enough
  • Not confident enough
  • Not pretty enough

Just not enough! And I was tired of this narrative.

In fact, there are a ton of examples to debunk these thoughts, but I had been comfortable with those limiting beliefs. They kept me safe.

It wasn’t until I heard myself saying that something was hard that I realized I wasn’t doing what I tell all my clients to; To get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Think About What You’ve Been Thinking About

Breathwork has helped me to slow down and really think about what I’ve been thinking about. This hasn’t been easy. It continually challenges me to examine where my head is at and identify when the self-doubt trickles in.

The cool thing about being on a path to self-betterment and discovery is that I get an opportunity to examine my life, my thoughts, and my surroundings to determine what I like and what needs improvement.

I have been so focused on all the noise surrounding my business that I lost sight of what I was here to do: To help people feel better by breathing deeply, so they too might examine their life. And I realized I couldn’t (and shouldn’t) do it alone.

It’s HARD to examine one’s life. To say I have some destructive thinking that must be changed. And to acknowledge that it’s up to me to save myself from my thoughts.

It begins and ends with how I decided to talk to myself.

  • I am reminded how important it is to build myself up first. To recognize an imposter thought, and continue to build my dream.
  • I am reminded that it will get hard, but I don’t have to do it alone.
  • I am reminded that it’s okay to feel the fear but to do scary things anyway.

Get Out Of Your Head

Everyone deals with self-doubt. Everyone is wondering if their choices are the right ones. Everyone makes mistakes. All of this may leave you feeling afraid to start. Disengaged from the process of going after big ideas and dreams, or unmotivated to be anything more than what you are today.

Get your head right. Notice what you’ve been thinking about and decide if those thoughts are worthy of you.

And if they aren’t, you have some work to do.

Get in touch with why you want healthier thoughts. Why do you want to sit with the challenging emotional temper tantrum of the ego mind in order to grow and be better? What is your reason? Is it…

  • Your family
  • Your children
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your mental health
  • Your physical health
  • Your Community
  • Your unseen impact
  • Your job

It’s time to decide your life is worth examining and do the hard work.

You have so many things about you that make you unique and only you can share them in your special way. You feel self-doubt because you’re being shown everything in this world that you are not. Throw it to the wind and shine your compassion, your empathy, your unique superpowers, and start to rewire the stories in your mind.

I once heard that all our memories are only half true. That we narrow them down to only the emotions we carry from the event. So if half of our memories aren’t even true then that means we can begin to retell them from a new emotion and create a whole new memory based on those new emotions. And emotions are the language of the body, so you’ll begin to feel in line with that new emotion, and how you think and how you feel creates your personal reality. Now you can begin to gaze out at your life from a new healthier lens.

Self-doubt might always be there. It’s human nature, but it’s time to start questioning its origins, and breathwork can show you how.

Warning! It won’t be easy. Sitting in silence with your breath will show you things you’ve been avoiding. It will force you to get real with yourself. But I promise it will be worth the journey. And the best part is you can begin to examine your thoughts in less than 10 minutes a day.

If you’re ready to get in touch with your breath and begin thinking about what you’ve been thinking about, check out my 7-Day Foundations of Breath Challenge. Come see what a steady breath practice can do to change your life because your life and your gifts matter.



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