Choose Your Frequency Wisely. It’s the Lens of Your Life.

Are you looking around at your life and complaining about it? or are you taking responsibility for your place in this world? The truth is you get to choose what kind of world you live in. Things will always be happening to take you out of your peace, but it is up to you to let it disturb your peace or not.

We all come into this world vibing with a certain frequency. As we grow we are filled with ideas and thoughts from the outside that aim to change and alter our natural frequency. These outside influences put on us by those we love and the schools we attend are meant to protect us and connect us to a community. Yet often they leave us wondering why we feel so disconnected from our inner-knowing.

We all wear different pairs of lenses that filter the world around us. You might be seeing through some fog-proof transitions while your neighbor is wearing something more like blue blockers. Both give you a perfect view while offering very different perspectives.

Trouble is that we all believe that everyone is wearing the same pair of lenses and seeing the same view. This is simply not true.

You know when your frequency is off. It’s those times you get in a fight with a loved one or get rear-ended coming home from a tough day at work. Those times in life that you just can't seem to catch a break. We’ve all been there.

The real question is why is your frequency off?

We have more influence over the outcome of our choices than we like to believe. We are capable of great things, yet we tend to get stuck in a lower frequency that has us believing we are not powerful, and in turn, we give that power away.

The past 15 months have been a huge wake-up call. We are being called to view our world from a new lens. We are being asked to make mature choices and be responsible adults. Not only for our needs but for the needs of all.

The comfort we are so used to in modern America is being challenged. It feels like America is starting to open her eyes to a wider perspective to give us a clearer insight into our reality. To draw inspiration from the truths that have been hidden from us. To redirect our frequency towards balance and love. To take true responsibility for our actions and not just fall into line as we are told.

At the same time, we are being divided. We have been shut away from human contact and our souls are screaming out for love and attention. On the surface, all that don’t see with the same lenses seem out to get you. Everyone seems intolerant, scared, and unclear about all the unknown. Our frequency is being pulled into a self-protective state. A state that wants us to believe that everyone is out to get us and that we can no longer trust our neighbors.

This is a test. And the answer lies within each and every one of us. We get to choose the frequency we connect to. We get to choose how we want to live. Right now. You are alive my friend. You possess a brilliant mind and a beating heart. You feel the pain and agony, but you get to choose if you connect with it or not.

Your frequency gets to broadcast out of you like a bright shiny light. Your frequency is shooting waves out into the world around you while reflecting back an image of whatever you choose to see.

What you broadcast out is what you take in.

  • Do you see people coming together to stand up for each other?
  • Or do you see humans divided?
  • Are you taking pleasure in the slow time with your family?
  • Or are you focusing on your home being too small for 5 people!
  • When you speak is it out of concern and understanding?
  • Or do you speak of humans as idiots?

One of my heroes, Mr. Rogers, has a quote…

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

What a gift. To tune into the frequency of love and support while tragedy is present. His mother taught him at a young age to choose the lens of compassion and look at what that gift brought to our world.

I hope you are tuned into joy in the everyday moments that are your life. I hope that your laughter fills a room so that all within a 10-mile radius are lifted by your spirit. I hope that your home is balanced and happy so that you might rest peacefully at night.

I am often accused of being a Pollyanna, and it’s true, I am, but I don’t want to discount the trauma we are still experiencing 15 months later.

  • Social unrest
  • Local business under fire
  • Skyrocketing home prices.

There is a ton to worry about and peace can be hard to find. I challenge you to find a moment of inner peace every day. Just a moment that you can pause and reflect in. Let those moments guide you towards a loving frequency. The first sip of tea watching the sunrise, or listening to your favorite song while making dinner are both examples of moments you create that align you to your frequency. You know when you feel it, so hold on to it.

Aligning to a higher frequency takes time, but you will find that it moves swiftly when your thoughts are on love. Higher frequencies move at a faster pace than lower frequencies like anxiety, stress, and fear.

If you are ready to raise your frequency then it will be. I am beaming love and compassion to you dear one, and if this is the only light you see hold it tight, and watch it illuminate the world around you into a brighter day for all of mankind.




Breathwork Coach, Pulmonaut Explorer, & Content Creator. Taking it one breath at a time.

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Mary Clymer

Mary Clymer

Breathwork Coach, Pulmonaut Explorer, & Content Creator. Taking it one breath at a time.

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