Everybody Wears the Mask to Camouflage Their Identity — Heart-Light Studios

Halloween might have been born out of the idea of scaring off bad spirits, but today we celebrate to escape the identity that confines us.

  • Hide behind our fear
  • Hide behind our anger
  • Hide behind our anxiety
  • Hide behind our stress
  • Hide behind our loneliness
  • Admitting that your marriage is on the rocks is scary, but pretending everything is okay is comfortable.
  • Admitting you need help is scary, acting as though everything is fine is comfortable.
  • Admitting you hate your job is scary, showing up every day and doing it anyway is comfortable.
  • Cutting ties with a toxic relationship is scary, putting up with the abuse is comfortable.
  • Taking responsibility for your health is scary, sleeping in is comfortable.
  • Admitting you have a drug or alcohol problem is scary, numbing the pain is comfortable.

We fear the discomfort of being seen so we continue to wear masks. Afraid of what the world will think if we took off the masks we wear and let our true selves be seen.

The more masks you wear the harder it is to breathe. And if you aren’t breathing properly true healing cannot happen.

Deciding to breathe through uncertainty is showing ourselves and others that we are worthy of growth and being seen.

  • What am I gaining from continuing to wear the masks of my life?
  • What am I missing out on by wearing these masks?
  • What would happen if I decided to take this mask off?
  • How would I benefit from removing my mask?
  • What am I willing to give up so I can be free of this burden?
  • What am I risking if I choose to be seen?
  • How uncomfortable am I willing to let myself be in order to live without this mask?




Breathwork Coach, Pulmonaut Explorer, & Content Creator. Taking it one breath at a time.

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Mary Clymer

Mary Clymer

Breathwork Coach, Pulmonaut Explorer, & Content Creator. Taking it one breath at a time.

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